Thursday 22 November 2012

Zolvein - Burn Me

Single review by KevW

Disturbing or not? Well, the video and music to this new single begins in a very unsettling way, like something from a psychological thriller or horror movie, with a seemingly disturbed young woman in a seemingly disturbed state. Complete with nudity (that'll ensure this video gets more views than most we put up), but then the song changes into a damn fine indie-rock track with flashes of inspiration and innovation, which is cheery enough to listen to despite talk of "the devil's pleasure" and it's all beginning to look like Zolvein are a quite exciting and interesting indie band with plenty of potential.

Keep watching though and it's a different matter. The heroin of the film (if you can call her that) stops by a petrol station for some casual sex in the back of a car, then by a saw mill where she appears to bludgeon someone to death, before heading out to what looks like a dilapidated former sports stadium, armed with flammable liquid and the means to ignite it. Surely such a barren, falling apart building won't go up in flames though? No, so she ties herself up, doused in fuel and sets herself alight. Or so you think, as she's later seen dancing around the flames and watching from the stands. Confusing, disturbing, a great video, and if you care to listen, a top tune too.

ZOLVEIN - "BURN ME" from Francis on Vimeo.

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