Sunday 11 November 2012

Weinland - The Eagle

Single review by KevW

Making the traditional "tour video" seems to have become a rite of passage for bands everywhere. Whether to give their fans a more active role in their work by using fan-filmed footage or recordings the band's crew have made at gigs etc., or to celebrate that amazing feeling that you've made a bunch of tunes and the public love them, packing out venues to watch you perform. It music be a pretty amazing feeling. Portland, Oregon band Weinland have a handful of albums to their name now, and along the way have picked up a substantial amount of fans who have connected with their harmony-soaked, country-influenced alt-rock. Their latest full-length 'Los Processaur' has just been released to much acclaim from fans and other watchers of that particular scene.

Cue a video of bearded men with acoustic guitars travelling down various roads to various towns and cities and visiting various venues along the way. Yeah, the whole thing is one massive great cliche, but we can forgive them that. 'The Eagle' feels like a huge celebration of the fact that these guys have made some tunes they like, found that other people dig them too, and that they have the privilege of being able to take their songs on the road and have people turn up to see them perform them. This song is as cheerful as you like, it's bordering on being over the top, but for the sheer joy and passion involved we can forgive them. They've earned the right to be happy with their work, and long may they continue to be.

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