Thursday 22 November 2012

ON AN ON - The Hunter

Single review by KevW

Former Scattered Trees members ON AN ON continue with their mission to bring us some electro-pop of tip-top quality with this new single, the follow up to the very nice indeed 'Ghosts'. Their album is already in the can and will be unleashed to the world in the new year, but first there's the small matter of whetting our appetite a little more with another quick blast of what's to come. New single 'The Hunter' is out now and in our humble opinion it's a stronger track than 'Ghosts' and should hopefully be impregnating their name and their sound on a few more brains ahead of the full-length in a few weeks.

Seemingly unable to decide whether it's retro electro-pop or a part of the current crop of innovators, 'The Hunter' begins with a robotic voice straight from 1980s sci-fi before dropping in some big beats that are pretty universal but pretty noteworthy with it, they definitely stamp some authority on the song. From there on in it's a mix of old and new, as if put in a blender and mushed up into a hearty electro-pop soup. The resulting concoction, whatever you want to call it, is tasty, warming and full of nourishing goodness.

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