Sunday 4 November 2012

Temples - Shelter Song/Prisms

Single review by KevW

It's been a great year for lovers of mind-expanding sounds, both modern and retro, with many psych-rock bands picking up heaps of media praise which is hopefully translating into sales somewhere along the line. Representing Britain in all of this are London duo Temples who are set to release this debut single on Heavenly Recordings (who also brought us the TOY album) on November 12th. In the wake of Tame Impala and co., you'd hope something as good as this will also make some headway with the national music press. They've got the tunes to do so, and theirs is very much psychedelia of the retro variety, drawing on the late 60s for inspiration.

Accompanied by a suitably colourful and kaleidoscopic video, 'Shelter Song' is awash with twanging and jangling guitars, rumbling drums and hallucinatory lyrics. It's like The Byrds during their acid phase and had it been released then it would surely be considered a classic of its genre. On 'Prisms' they don't scrimp on the booming drums and organ swirls that nail this song to the same era. Both tracks are imitation of course, but in a blindfold test they'd quite possibly pass off as originals, and whether or not sounds are borrowed, good songs are needed to make them work, and Temples certainly have a couple of those here.

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