Tuesday 20 November 2012

Faded Gold - Homelands

Single review by KevW

I'm not sure if there's an official Si unit of etherealness, so our best option is to make up some kind of scale. Now, we need something very well known and otherworldly to represent the top end, so Sigur Ros seem perfect for that. Then we need something plain, flat, plodding and just basically stuck in the musical mud for the other end of the scale. So let's go for, I dunno, Stereophonics. So they represent zero and Sigur Ros represent ten. Got it? Good. Now we have to place this ambient, instrumental new track from Liverpool artist Stefanie Chew, otherwise known as Faded Gold. Going on new track 'Homelands' I reckon we could give her an 8 and all be in agreement.

'Homelands' is just the kind of ambient, dreamy washes of sound that compliers of nature documentaries love, and that's not to the detriment of this track, in fact this is really quite beautiful. Relaxing and uplifting without resorting to any hippyish notions or loud/quiet dynamics to stir up extra dramatic effect. She does the video job for us too with this one. 'Homelands' is accompanied by some simply stunning and magical scenery, from the black sands of the Canaries (we think) to mountain vistas and steaming springs. Cliche alarm going off? Don't let it you miserable old bugger. Sit back, turn everything off apart from this video and audio and immerse yourself in it. It's lovely.

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