Thursday 29 November 2012

Hey Geronimo - Dreamboat Jack

Single review by KevW

We'll offer no prizes for guessing that Brisbane band Hey Geronimo don't take themselves too seriously. New single 'Dreamboat Jack' is lighthearted to say the least; it's slightly goofy but a catchy pop tune with it. Taken from their self-titled debut EP, it's a track overflowing with melody that you'll either love or want to bludgeon to death. Currently we're loving it, although I have a feeling this appreciation might not last. That doesn't seem to be the idea though. Hey Geronimo are on a mission to create big, fun, stupid indiepop hits, and 'Dreamboat Jack' is certainly one of those.

As if the song alone didn't give us enough of an idea that we're not talking 'Kid A' territory here, then have a look at the video. It's a James Bond-style action thriller chase involving a stuffed lion and zebra, some toy speedboats and cars and some "giant strawberries". Spoiler alert: it all ends well and the Zebra gets away. Enjoyment of this song and video is unlikely to last beyond a handful of plays but it's worth it just for that, we don't have to sit here pondering the attributes of chamber pop every day, y'know.

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