Sunday 25 November 2012

National Snack - Love You Hate You

Single review by KevW

You'll have your own opinion on what our national snack is depending on where you're from. But it's probably curry. Does that count as a snack? Anyway, this National Snack are less universal than any commonly consumed foodstuff, in fact the London mob seem to be more a musical version of Ready Steady Cook, taking whatever ingredients they have to hand and attempting to make a decent meal out of it, rather than a dogs dinner. If we were in the audience they'd probably get our vote too, for their blend of sounds which they lovingly describe as "heavy shouty bassy pop", which is near enough to be considered accurate.

Simplifying things a little, we're looking at and indiepop band, but not one with a twee disposition. 'Love You Hate You' is being released on their own small label and contains all the general ingredients you'd associate with the genre, and a few added extras as well which help give them a little more identity. The guitar can't decide if it's punk or powerpop, so it settles for the middle-ground and that suits it perfectly. The lyrics are sharp and a bit shouty and drums are given a rigorous testing. This is proper DIY pop done to a high standard. We can't wait to sample what they serve up next.

National Snack's website

'Love You Hate You' is out on December 17th

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