Sunday 25 November 2012

Reuben Hollebon - Breaking Plastic

Single review by KevW

Come the nuclear holocaust (sorry to keep banging on about it, but it is just a few weeks away, right?) the only things that will survive are cockroaches (yes I know that's a myth) and singer-songwriters. Singer-songwriters will survive through sheer strength in numbers. There are just so many of them that any explosion will singe and destroy those on the outer fringes, but the core will be sealed by the mass of other bodies like a mammoth lead casket. Yes, the singer-songwriter shall take over the world, and we'd better hope a few more of them are like Nick Drake or Neil Young than Jack Flipping Johnson. Well, at least Reuben Hollebon seems to be on the right side.

His debut EP 'Clutch' is out on December 10th and the lead track is 'Breaking Plastic', a song which shows no hippy tendencies and even has the balls to experiment slightly when it comes to vocal styles. So this isn't your drab gap-year student fodder that will hopefully be the first to go, this is a promising new talent who will hopefully survive armageddon and lead us pied-piper like into a happy future where the Newton Faulkners of this world no longer prosper and more interesting sounds fill the airwaves. I'm living in cloud cuckoo land maybe, yet we can but hope.

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