Wednesday 14 November 2012

The Janitors - Head Honcho EP

EP review by KevW

It seemed odd that there hadn't been a band named The Janitors before, to my knowledge at least. Surely there must have been a 60s garage band of that name? It seems perfect. Thanks to the internet, a quick search revealed that this Swedish group aren't the first to release records under this name, the most prominent Janitors were a UK noise-rock group from the 1980s. So it feels quite appropriate that this modern day band (I hope we're not going to cause any legal naming rights disputes here!) also trade in noisy guitars, inspired by those 60s garage/psych bands and also the 80s feedback and drone merchants (they name The Jesus & Mary Chain, Loop and Spacemen 3 among their major influences).

On second EP 'Head Honcho', The Janitors don their guitars, line up the effects pedals and dim the lights, setting the stage for some noisy shoegaze and hypnotic drones. Centrepiece 'A-Bow' is a 12-minute psych odyssey that begins with a slow, monotonous stomp before guitars light up like a match being struck and bathe the song in a harsh and fiery light. Gazers everywhere will love it, pop fans, less so. If you're after a more instant hit of guitar scuzz then check out the Stooges influenced 'MSSG' which takes that proto-punk blueprint and adds some extra sharp psych guitars. 'Strap Me Down' can trace its sound back through all the bands we've mentioned and also through the MC5's pioneering work. Whatever your psychedelic noise-rock preference, The Janitors should have something that suits your taste.

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