Saturday 17 November 2012

Five For Free #132

Calling All Astronauts - Winter Of Discontent

This London trio are "politically charged" apparently, and on this track they certainly sound angry and not dissimilar to A Place To Bury Strangers. Calling All Astronauts have a new single out in December, which is possibly even better than this track, but for now, and to get you in the mood, enjoy the crunching electro-rock of 'Winter Of Discontent'.

Calling All Astronauts' website

Buy the single

She Ripped - Garage Night

Welsh alt-rock band She Ripped are also letting us have their new single for free on digital formats. 'Garage Night' deals with the tedium of a late night stroll to the garage (presumably to stock up on munchies) and is a quite uneventful song for the first half, until halfway through when the guitars build and lift the song to an altogether more interesting place.

She Ripped's website

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Lego Soul - Waster

Well here's an interesting alternative to garage-rock, the perhaps more UK friendly term "loft-rock", for this is how Midlands gang Lego Soul describe themselves, and it's a description that suits them down to the ground. We're talking melodic pop that's crudely cobbled together in a DIY manner, therefore giving tracks like 'Waster' a far more soul and character than "studio-rock".

Download 'Waster' for free by heading here

Lego Soul's website

Eluusif - Justin Bieber Is An Android

We first heard about French electronic artist Eluusif a few months ago with his track 'I Love My Daft Punk', so now we know what he does like, how about what he doesn't? Well one clue comes in this track from his new free download EP 'Aliens Do It Better'. We think that you'll find the robotic voices on 'Justin Bieber Is An Android' will tell you everything you need to know.

Eluusif's website

Stream or download the EP

Huff This! - Lovin' You

New York clan Huff This! are another bunch who've invented their own genre to describe their sound. New EP 'Tuff Love' is apparently a "dream thrash" record, due to them sometimes being gentle and sometimes ferocious. On 'Lovin' You' they're generally very sweet and dreamy, but as the song goes on more and more is revealed and you believe this band are indeed capable of many different sounds.

Huff This!'s website

Stream or download the EP

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