Monday 26 November 2012

Out This week - 26th November 2012

School Of Seven Bells - Secret Days

It's not taking US duo School Of Seven Bells much time to churn out plenty of decent music, and new EP 'Put Your Sad Down' came as a bit of a surprise being so soon after their previous release. Still, can't complain, their sound may be changing slightly and possibly heading in a more commercial direction, but songs like free taster 'Secret Days' prove they're still worth investing in.

School Of Seven Bells' website

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Nothing - Downward Years To Come

If you preferred School Of Seven Bells when they were a bit more shoegazey then you should find plenty of love for Nothing. With a few free tunes available on their Bandcamp page you can investigate more there, or go and buy new EP 'Downward Years To Come', the fuzz-heavy title-track from which you'll find for nothing below.

Nothing's website

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Waylayers - Love Locked

Having spend a good amount of time touring and recording, London trio Waylayers release a new single, 'Magnets' this week. You'll find it to stream on the usual places, although we're enjoying the B-side just as much. 'Love Locked' is an equally impressive piece of electro-pop that deserves equal billing, and the great news is that you can download this track for free.

Waylayers' website

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The Faint - Evil Voices

Omaha experimentalists The Faint are part way through a mammoth US tour and although they've been around for yonks they're still producing some gritty and experimental electro-punk like free single Evil Voices which is all sharp vocals and pummeling beats that sound as fresh as they've ever done. Sounds like they've still got plenty of ideas and a burning creative urge.

The Faint's website


Kid Wave - All I Want

A very late entry for OROTW this week. We first heard this single from brand new London band Kid Wave yesterday and it instantly caught our attention thanks to the warm indie-rock stylings and the terrific vocals which could be the marker that sets them apart from the pack. We don't have a great deal of information, in fact 'All I Want' may well be their debut single. We'll bring you more when we have it, but until then, name your price, download and enjoy; all three tracks on this single area ace. The first taste of a band full of potential.

Kid Wave's website

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