Tuesday 13 November 2012

Barrows - Pirates

Single review by KevW

Now as a new music site we're willing to listen to most things and publish a reasonably wide range of music (although you will have spotted our penchant for shoegaze, indiepop, psychedelia, garage etc.), but very rarely do we venture into the ridiculous world of metal. I could list many (potentially) offensive reasons why, but Scandinavian doom-metal, US thrash or hairy middle-aged men from the Midlands just don't float our boat. We'd rather abandon ship. This morning an email landed in our inbox containing the following lines: " the post metal band "BARROWS" from Los Angeles" and "would you consider sharing our promotional video for our song 'Pirates'". As is our duty, all submissions are at least granted a play before a polite email declining the request is sent back.

But bugger me backwards, Barrows are genuinely on to something here. Firstly they're not plastered in tattoos, strange piercings and clothes most people stop wearing by their mid-teens, they look decent, they look cool. Now this is a twelve-minute live performance we're looking at here, and frankly it's bloody good. As we all know, blokes in metal bands can play. Yeah, so what, there are millions of them. But not only can these guys play they can do so without looking like dicks and without making the kind of immature racket that should soundtrack some naff, cult video game. This is cliche free and it's quite spectacular. Their album 'Imprecari Island' may well be worth a look. Finally a metal band that avoid the abominable notions that are usually attached to the genre and genuinely impress. Now if the rest of you could follow suit that would be great, thanks.

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