Tuesday 13 November 2012

Led Er Est - Divided Parallel

Single review by KevW

It can be confusing delving into the world of music reviews. One publication can give something a proper good slagging while another sings its praises from the rooftops. Naturally taste has much to do with this, but also it can be a case of 'getting' the music. We first heard New York band Led Er Est when they released their album 'The Diver' back in May. It sounded OK, fairly decent without being outstanding, and with a few high points, one of which we gave away as a free download. As the year's progressed and we've heard more and more tit-bits from their album, they've begun to make more and more sense. It seems that (from my own personal experience, others may disagree) Led Er Est are what is described as "a grower".

Plenty of others have been less slow on the uptake and have gotten to grips with their industrial, coldwave synth-pop far more immediately. 'The Diver' has unquestionably been a success, and one that deserves the lap of honour they're affording it with a European tour and a new video for the track 'Divided Parallel'. It's vintage in sound, like much of their songs, and handy comparisons come in the form of Depeche Mode, early Gary Numan or Kraftwerk's livelier moments. They're icy-cool and have their style pinned down to a tee. Whether they opt for a change of direction on the next record time will tell, but for now let's enjoy their retro-futuristic electro tracks for a little white longer.

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Catch them live:

11/23 - London (UK), The Waiting Room
11/24 - Amsterdam (NL), Meneer Malasch *
11/27 - Düsseldorf (DE), Kunsthalle *
11/28 - Brussels (BE), Beursschouwburg *
11/29 - Paris (FR), Espace B *
11/30 - Lyon (FR), Le Sonic
12/4 - Barcelona (ES), Miscelanea *
12/6 - Asti (IT), Diavolo Rosso *
12/7 - Bologna (IT), Decadence *
12/8 - Firence (IT), Doris *
12/9 - Milano (IT), Ligera *
12/11 - Budapest (HU), Toldi
12/12 - Vienna (AT), Rhiz
12/13 - Berlin (DE), Marie Antoinette
12/14 - Leipzig (DE), Zoro
12/15 - Offenbach (DE), Kommune 2010
12/16 - Osnabrück (DE), Bastard Club
12/17 - Bremen (DE), Etage 3 (Lagerhaus)
12/18 - Antwerp (BE), De Kleine Hedonist
12/19 - Amsterdam (NL), OT301

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