Sunday 25 November 2012

Ulterior - The Locus Of Control

Single review by KevW

If you have a psychological condition that means you think you can control events that affect you then there's a strong possibility that you have what is known as 'The Locus Of Control'. Any song that explores psychological anomalies and phenomenon should have lyrics that talk of "howling at the moon" and other disturbing attributes, and it's generally accepted that the accompanying music shouldn't be happy-clappy cheesy pop to be covered by Glee. Something that's very unlikely to befall this new single from Ulterior. This gang of psychonauts from London are more than happy to oblige on that front.

"Nothing behind the eyes" they cry in despair as the musical equivalent of nuclear clouds gather in the skies, threatening to consume all of humanity. This is industrial, intense and unlikely to make the Magic FM playlist. It's under a month until the end of the world now* so we should expect, along with the hurricanes and flooding that are affecting both sides of the Atlantic, plenty of dark, desperate, doom-mongering music to sountrack the demise of humanity. And it just so happens that this gang of psychonauts from london are more than happy to oblige on that front too.

*of course it's not you daft bugger

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