Saturday 17 November 2012

Lonesound - The Great Outdoors (Part Two)

EP review by KevW

Formerly the frontman with The Luminaries, Hackney musician James Ewers is now the force behind Lonesound, whose name may be linked to his departure from a band set-up to working essentially as a solo artist, although there are a few helpers on various bits and bobs of his new EP 'The Great Outdoors (Part Two)', the second part of a planned trilogy which he's putting together with the aid of the Pledge Music scheme. In fact if you pre-order the set now you'll receive a complimentary copy of part one. This second installment is due out in December with the completion of the set planned for the spring. There are varying views on the Pledge Music scheme and others like it, but that's a debate for another day.

What we can tell you is that if this process is allowing Lonesound to make records as good as this we can have little to complain about. It's possibly lead-track 'Don't Hold Me Back' that will draw people in most instantly; an excellently funky piece of indie-rock loaded with character. There's more of an alt-country twang to 'Who Was Watching' but done with some conviction; it's certainly not the work of an amateur. The stuttering 'Lisa Settled Down' harks back to post-punk and fills in the gap between Orange Juice and Squeeze (bands whose names already fit together rather well). Leah Kardos lends some vocals to the itchy and lively 'Long Gone' and completes what is an EP of considerable merit. Bring on part three.

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