Friday 30 November 2012

The Invincible Summer - Runaway/To The Sky

Single review by KevW

Australian band The Invincible Summer were put together by multi-instrumentalist Matt James following what he describes as "spending the Australian summer in the chill of the northern hemisphere". Now based in the much more hospitable climes of Sydney he's gathered together a selection of like-minded souls and set about capturing some of his ideas on tape, resulting in this debut double A-side single. If we use some football parlance (no, not Aussie rules, actual football) then this first offering could comfortably be described as being a record of two halves (if you're thinking "well, yeah. Duh!" Then look up the phrase and its meaning).

First there's 'Runaway' with its 90s house piano and chart indie sound. It's tolerable but not something you'd go out of your way to listen to again. A decent chorus manages to salvage something, but really it's not a particularly good track and you'll have heard its kind many times before. Then we get 'To The Sky' which throws any initial presumptions about the band up in the air. The jump in quality is instantly noticeable, maybe because he's trying to write what he wants instead of aiming for that pop hit. 'To The Sky' is a mighty and slow-burning powerhouse with a chorus that reaches for the sky. There's  a hint of 80s pop to it, but had one of the big hitters released this back then it might be considered a classic now. More like this could see them go far.

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