Saturday 24 November 2012

The Divers - A Little Better

Single review by KevW

If there was a Nobel prize for music, one would assume that, like the prizes for physics, chemistry etc., the winning recipient would have to show either an exceptional quality in their field, above that of anyone else in the world, or make a discovery that could change the face of humankind. It's unlikely that London-based band The Divers would be in consideration on either count, making, as they do, some very good indie-rock, but it's the kind that will happily impress followers of this particular genre, yet will be unlikely to see them filling stadiums around the world, and it certainly breaks no new ground.

But criticising debut single 'A Little Better' for not being the greatest song made this year is a bit like slagging off Iniesta for not quite being as good as Messi. This is an enjoyable, if fairly standard song, that shows definite promise even if it doesn't quite fulfill it just yet. The band sound tight and they sound confident, and with those attributes, especially if they're allowed to grow naturally, can come great things. From a single seed an oak tree can grow, so although this is the mere foundations, there's the sense here that The Divers could be back and sounding even better before long.

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