Sunday 18 November 2012

Dead Sons - Hangman

Single review by KevW

UK rock music's been in pretty dire straights recently (thankfully not Dire Straights though), unless that is you're into the same regurgitated metal that seems to be permanently, unfeasibly popular. Our experimental rock and indie scenes have fared better but straight rock seems dead on its arse. Sheffield's Dead Sons are unlikely to be the ones to resurrect the genre, but they're giving it a pretty good go and at least have some individuality and genuine passion as opposed to hollow devil-horn hand gestures and ridiculous hair. They have their first album coming out in 2013, and it could be one for you rockers out their to look out for.

New single 'Hangman' comes with suitably stereotypical artwork and a suitably stereotypical name. Musically it's another matter, only just, but enough to warrant our attention. They've drawn comparisons to Josh Homme's Desert Sessions and you can hear why, there's a certain similarity. Maybe this is down to the accents, but their near neighbours Arctic Monkeys' work with the Queens Of The Stone Age man also springs to mind when casting an ear over this. Both those projects have gone down well, maybe Dead Sons' album will follow suit.

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