Wednesday 21 November 2012

EKy - I Saw You Today

Single review by KevW

Predominantly electronic/experimental label Love Our Records has indeed been a labour of love, with now 100 free releases to their name and even the odd play on Radio 1 along with much blog coverage. The guys are doing sterling work in getting new sounds to our ears, and to celebrate their centenary, the release with the catalogue number 'LOR 100' is a collaborative effort between three of their most predominant artists; Endoflevelbaddie, Kev La Kat and Yannick. Shortened to the much more sensible EKy this single comes backed with a bouncy and more substantial remix from Tom Excell and an atmospheric and haunting take courtesy of Steve Cobby who provides an altogether more dark vibe.

The original began life as a collaboration between producer Endoflevelbaddie and Yannick singer/guitarist Tommy. Kev La Kat spotted the beginnings of something special and began adding other instrumentation and involving other members of Yannick. The trio blend together like a fine cocktail, resulting in a song with few boundaries. The vocals are soulful but also display an indie sensibility while the pared-back beats do no more than is needed, ticking the song into life. Some additional production augmentation, a decent bass and guitar line and we have a fine piece of minimalist... whatever you want to call it. We'll just call it a suitable marker of the centenary of releases from a label who genuinely care about music.

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