Wednesday 28 November 2012

Five For Free #135

Kid Wave - Shade Of The Sun

If you missed Monday's post or have the memory of a goldfish (yes I know the whole three-second thing is a myth, but you know what I mean) then you may not be aware of Kid Wave, although the Londoners have impressed so much at this early point in their career that we're certainly not the only ones featuring them. Anyway, you need to get their new EP now. It's free on Bandcamp and here's 'Shade Of The Sun'. It's ace.

Kid Wave's website

Download the EP

The Susan Constant - Locked Up

Curiously named Boston band The Susan Constant have announced details of a new EP. The EP is out in January and will be called 'Shapes', first single 'Locked Up' is being given away free. They managed to get nominated as Boston's best powerpop/indie band this year, no mean feat given the wealth of talent in the area. 'Locked Up' is the kind of jangly guitar-pop that could be lifted from the mid 90s.

The Susan Constant's website

The EP will be available from Tour De Stade Records

Oh Minnows - Trade

For some reason the amazing Oh Minnows went under many people's radar when he first released his excellent 'Oh Shadows' album. The good news is that it's been given the reissue treatment from Young & Lost Cub and this will hopefully mean his amazing, dreamy indie reaches more ears. The current single is 'Trade' which you can download below, then go and buy the album.

Oh Minnows' website

Buy the album

The Deadline Shakes - Don't You Be Too Cool

Glasgow guitar-pop maestros The Deadline Shakes had us mightily impressed with their debut single 'Sweeten The Deal' which took us from jangly 60s psychedelia through to 90s indie. Well now you can get your hands on another track, 'Don't You Be Too Cool' for free. It's another cracking pop tune and comes at a handy price given the amount of money we'll soon be spending on booze over Christmas.

The Deadline Shakes' website

Being There - Allen Ginsberg 

So far, unless you've invested in the album which we highly advise due to the fact that it's brilliant, you may have only heard the upbeat, jangly indie tracks by Being There. Awesome songs like 'The Radio', '17' and 'Tomorrow'. Well new single 'Allen Ginsberg', which is also from the 'Breaking Away' album shows a different, more thoughtful side to the band. Plus it's free for a limited time, so grab it now.

Being There's website

Buy the album

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