Tuesday 13 November 2012

Seasfire - We Will Wake

Single review by KevW

The correlation between bands and their image is often an interesting one. With some bands, lets say for example, some bearded Americans in plaid shirts posing in an outdoor environment, you could expect the words Grizzly, Bear, Fleet and Foxes to be used as comparisons in reviews of their music. Seasfire look serious. Very serious, and with their arms around each other like that they also look like a close-knit gang, but not in a threatening way. Those chiseled features and stern faces give the impression of a band who deal in dark adult pop that's aimed at those who've long grown out of their teenage boyband phase.

Which I guess means (they'll love this I'm sure) Seasfire could perhaps be described as a manband. They make pop that will lend itself to radio and has enough accessibility to stand them in good stead for the future, should they make that initial breakthrough and gain a big hit. 'We Will Wake' is a good enough, slightly moody pop track, but maybe not the one that will kick the doors open for them. It's well produced, not too polished but is an irresistible hook away from cementing their status. Their next move could be what makes or breaks them.

Seasfire's website

'We Will Wake' will be available to buy from December 3rd.

Catch them live:

Wednesday November 14th - The Neighbourhood + Seasfire @ The Borderline, London
Tuesday December 4th - Seasfire EP Launch Party @ The Louisiana, Bristol
Thursday December 6th - Bastille + Seasfire @ Sub 89, Reading
Friday December 7th - Bastille + Seasfire @ The Apex, Bury St Edmunds
Saturday December 8th - Bastille + Seasfire @ Kasbah, Coventry
Monday December 10th - Seasfire @ Goldust, Hoxton Bar & Grill, London
Tuesday December 11th - Seasfire @ The Soup Kitchen, Manchester
Saturday December 15th - Seasfire @ Stealth, Nottingham

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