Tuesday 27 November 2012

Geronimo - Please Come Over "Geesten" Video

Single review by KevW

We often get sent videos for submission where the focus is as much on the visuals as on the audio, but here it's taken to the extreme. The song used is 'Please Come Over' by Chicago band Geronimo and is taken from their new album 'Examinate'. Rather than them commissioning a video for the song, filmmaker Robb Donker made the visuals himself, with the band's full consent, and they're so happy with it that they've been promoting it themselves. Known as the "Geesten" video (we don't know why, possibly an alias of Robb's?) it explores the supernatural and has been compared to David Lynch/Twin Peaks.

As a random coincidence he later found out that the song was partly inspired by Twin Peaks, so it's odd that was picked up on. "Geesten" is a pained and surreal piece that was inspired by the supernatural, something that definitely comes across well. It's dark and disturbing, possibly dealing with demonic possession, or maybe just the inner torment created by our own minds. Whatever the thinking, it's a powerful film that only acts to enhance the song, and is a terrific example or two art forms working together hand in hand, even though the seed was planted only by chance.

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