Thursday 29 November 2012

Kingfishers Catch Fire - Ballerina EP

EP review by KevW

As bloody stupid band names go, well, Kingfishers Catch Fire is one. We'd like to hear the explanation behind that. They're a six-piece alt-folk group from London (yep, another one) but it's with relief that we can report they're not your stereotypical pretend folkies from the capital. No, Kingfishers Catch Fire are actually very good, have their own sound and on this debut EP they have a fistful of decent songs too. It's shaping up to be the complete package with this lot. We just so happened to mention chamber-pop in the last review we published. The 'Ballerina' EP begins with a song called 'Ballerina Overture'. I think we need say no more.

The second track is simply 'Ballerina' and ploughs a more normal alt-folk furrow and is carefully arranged with swelling strings and a neat wall of sound, it verges on folk-rock, but again, not the horrible variety you're probably imagining. In fact, oddly, it sounds a bit like The Bluetones, although we're not sure how. It's immaculately produced, any more would be overkill and they get the balance just right to bring the best out of 'Silhouette Of A Boy Ruined'. The indiepop stomp of 'Pandora' is a sweet as a tanker full of honey, before we head back to chamber-pop for a fleeting moment on 'Romance' which quickly dives into alt-folk/rock. Kingfishers Catch Fire have all the right attributes, lets just hope they can fight their way through the crowds.

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