Monday 26 November 2012

Bombers - Drawing/Buddy's In A Cult

Single review by KevW

For a year or so now the music press have been going on about the B-Town scene (that's Birmingham by the way fact fans, B for Birmingham, and B because it's the UK's second biggest city) and as we all know they like to make up scenes and genres freely in the hope of making a name for themselves as opposed to the musicians they're writing about. But there are a lot of good bands in Birmingham at the moment, just as I'm sure there are when the spotlight is focused elsewhere. Still, now is a good time for B-Town bands to capitalise on the publicity, and Bombers are wasting no time letting people know about their new single.

'Drawing' isn't out until the end of January but beginning the press assault now will hopefully build up enough momentum to transfer into decent sales. 'Drawing', along with B-side 'Buddy's In A Cult' are both short, sharp punky blasts that don't make the two minute mark and don't need to. There's an determination and urgency about the way they hurl themselves into these songs that comes across as pure passion; a band that actually mean it. The sound isn't new but that doesn't matter, there's a whole new generation out there waiting to experience the power of basic punk-rock force and Bombers are delivering it with real conviction.

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