Saturday 24 November 2012

Milk & Biscuits - White Noise

Single review by KevW

Did you know that you need a license to sell seaweed in the UK? Seems odd. In Ireland, especially on the coast, you can buy it in lots of places, presumably without needing the correct paperwork. I was reminded of this fact by watching the fantasy-land video for this new single by Milk & Biscuits, a band who began a couple of years back as an offshoot of Restlesslist. The video for 'White Noise begins on seaweed covered rocks and the discovery of an antiquated camera which has the power to illuminate anything it focuses on, including unusual seaside findings such as a ship in a bottle that's apparently washed up in a rock pool, and a man fishing on rocks that are far too distant from the ocean for him to have any reasonable chance of reaching water with a cast.

The song itself is in two parts, the first is folky dreampop that's really quite enchanting, but as our heroine moves inshore to explore windmills and strange women blowing bubbles (from one of those bubble blowing bottles you get, not just out of her nose or anything ridiculous) we appear to reach the end. But then, following the meeting with a dashing young man with a horse, a graveyard, a chess board and a strange man in a suit reading from a book, the whole tempo changes and we're in indiepop land. There must be rhyme or reason to be found somewhere in this video, but either way it's great to watch and the song's terrific, although I'm not entirely sure it wasn't all just one big dream.

Milk & Biscuits - White Noise from Laurence Dean on Vimeo.

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