Friday 30 November 2012

Megan Wyler - Through The Noise

Single review by KevW

The name Megan Wyler may not be a familiar one, 'Through The Noise' being her debut single, but you may be aware of the work of producer Adem Ilhan even if that's another name that may not immediately ring any bells, outside of the folktronica scene at least. Ilhan is an experienced hand with a fine pedigree, having worked with Four Tet, Fridge, Silver Columns and as well as his solo career. Needless to say he knows his onions, ans the fact that he's chosen to work with Megan Wyler surely indicates she's a lady not short of talent, and sure enough, that talent is plain to see.

You realise this within the first few seconds of 'Through The Noise'. The song is a stripped-back, piano-led piece that conjures up the icy magic of winter, especially when the quietly picked guitar (or possibly banjo or mandolin, it's too subtle to be sure) kicks in, adding to the sparkles of sonic glitter that are used sparingly throughout. Really it's all about the voice here, and Megan Wyler's voice is as pure and pretty as any you're likely to hear all year. Not affected in any way, this is the real deal and is stunningly note perfect and entirely captivating. We have our finger and toes crossed, because if a voice of this quality failed to find success it would be a major loss.

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