Thursday 29 November 2012

Atom And The Volumes - To The Beat

Single review by KevW

Toronto band Atom And The Volumes are billing themselves as psychedelic but on the basis of new single 'To The Beat' is hard to see how. Taken from their self-titled debut EP, this track does have a certain groove but would be more comfortable being tagged as indie-rock than much else. This shouldn't be considered a downgrading though, and 'To The Beat' is by no means a bad song. In fact it's pretty decent despite not fitting the space it claims. It could well be that Atom And The Volumes' other work does push the parameters of guitar music to mind-bending new areas, but it doesn't here.

Still, take it for what it is and you'll find an enjoyable tune with a rather excellent and decidedly homemade video that flits between live footage and the adventures of Batman and Wonder Woman along with some break-dancing baddies and other assorted plastic figures. The film might have your brain struggling to figure out just what it's being subjected to but the the music is unlikely to follow suit. We're not setting sail for cosmic destinations on that front, we do however, find a competent and promising alternative rock band that may well venture deeper into obscure sonic territories on future releases.

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