Thursday 15 November 2012

The False Alarms - The False Alarms EP

EP review by KevW

Do you like your music to come boxfresh or are you happy for your sounds to be a little more worn-in, a bit comfier, charity-shop-chic maybe? Generally, depending on the genre, nice clean, off-the-peg music can lack personality, it can be missing that feeling you get when putting on your favourite t-shirt that you've worn to death for months. Maybe that's just us being a part of the great indie unwashed, but these frayed and battered garage-rock tunes on The False Alarms' eponymous free EP are much more appealing than a brand new sweater that you feel you have to wear on Christmas day as it was a gift. This is music with personality; life and soul, with all their wonderful imperfections.

We get half-a-dozen tunes here, all made from dirty guitars, classic sounding punky riffs and vocals with the feeling left in, not airbrushed away. If we sat down with a pen and a piece of paper for an hour we could probably list a hundred bands doing essentially the same thing. If it ain't broke and all that. With The False Alarms though, songs like 'Johnny Suicide' and 'Nothing Of The Sea' are exemplary specimens of their genre and are enough to warrant trading some of your hard-earned cash for - if they weren't giving them away that is. Free downloads aren't always a bargain, some are simply tortuous, but 'The False Alarms' won't let you down.

The False Alarms' website

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