Saturday 24 November 2012

Five For Free #134

Port Isla - Sinking Ship

"Anthemic folk for lonely castaways" is how Norwich band Port Isla appealingly describe their debut single. Cheer up you miserable bunch, it's nearly the season of goodwill, you know? Fear not though, for 'Sinking Ship' is a little anthemic, almost folky but in a more acoustic indie kind of way, and it's also upbeat, cheery and generally a wonderfully uplifting little song.

Port Isla's website

Popular Culture - Affair

This Austin, Texas band Popular Culture are reportedly the brainchild of a young and very talented musician by the name of Henry Mowgli (we're guessing an alias?). Now based with half the rest of the world's musical population in Brooklyn, he/they have released debut album 'Episode' which sounds like some brilliant indie-rock to us. Stream it below and grab 'Affair' for free.

Popular Culture's website

Stream or buy the album

Mimimic - Vuja De

Both a play on words with the song title and an entirely fabricated word for the project name. Is Mimimic just being awkward or does he have a active imagination? Originally from Portugal but now based in the less exotic location of Lancaster, Diogo Carneiro was formerly the singer in indie-rockers Iconoclasts, something he seems far removed from now, with this new single being some nice chilled electronica.

Mimimic's website

Calling All Astronauts - What So Good About

This piece of quality electro-rock comes courtesy of political London trio Calling All Astronauts whose last single we recently featured. 'What's So Good About' is even better, taking on the hollow materialistic culture that so many of us are caught in. It's out on December 2nd with some exclusive remixes but they've kindly agreed to let us give you a free download of the A-side here, so dig in.

Calling All Astronauts' website

Pre-order the single

ELIM BOLT - Only You

While we're on the subject of bands we're covered recently, remember the debut single from South Carolina's ELIM BOLT? If not then you can grab it here, and the good news is that if their brand of "indie croon rock" was your kind of thing then you can now pick up second single 'Only You' for free as well. Some bands are just too darn kind for their own good.

ELIM BOLT's website

Pre-order the album

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