Friday 16 November 2012

CNC - False Awakening EP

EP review by KevW

The fact that dreampop group CNC are from Poland matters little, because the music they make is entirely universal and compares very favourably to similar sounds emanating from Scandinavia, The UK, The USA... in fact just about anywhere that has caught the current dreampop bug. There's no attempt to stamp any location to the songs on this EP and there's no reason why there should be. CNC are clearly a band who share many people's current love for all things ethereal and woozy (possibly the two words we've typed most in 2012) and their own tunes show a good understanding of how to make these sounds, as well as no small amount of skill on the songwriting front.

Keys, beats, vocals, guitars and assorted effects (possibly treated guitar or maybe synths) are all smooshed together, resulting in that familiar hazy wall of luscious, floaty noise. The slow-burning title-track sets the tone, but it's on 'Hearsay' that they amp things up to something approaching the lighter end of shoegaze. They trick you into thinking they're about to head into krautrock territory on 'Vertigo', and 'Istanbul' continues their formula of adept without being spectacular fuzzy pop. The more electronic 'Where I Please' breaks from the template a bit, making for a nice change to finish on. All told, CNC sound like a pretty capable dreampop band.

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