Friday 16 November 2012

Until The Bird... - Collateral

Single review by KevW

You can see their Fiona Apple-esque band name on the artwork, but for obvious reasons we'll stick with Until The Bird...'. Essentially the band are a part of the alt-folk scene that's built up around London, Oxford and surrounding areas, but if you've had it up to here with acoustic guitars then don't stop reading yet, take a listen. This track is taken from their debut EP 'Dwelling' which is due out soon, and for extra kudos it was recorded in the studio that Kate Bush built to lay down her legendary 'Hounds Of Love' album. Until The Bird... are also aiming to expand their musical horizons beyond the default, earnest alt-folk ballads of lost love and introspection.

Two parts English and one part Lithuanian, it could be that an outside influence helps in achieving this goal. 'Collateral' deals with nuclear war and the general destructive nature of modern day humankind (which will draw inevitable comparisons to Stornoway), and also with our seeming ability to carry on with life without realising just how much damage we're capable of doing in such a short space of time. But like the excellent video suggests, let's just carry on, keep singing and forget about it all. After all, holocaust and apocalypse are just stuff out of films, right?

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