Sunday 11 November 2012

Rigna Folk - Paradox

Single review by KevW

Unless we take the word "folk" as its meaning of "people" rather than a genre of music, the name of this German group could be somewhat misleading. They're fairly far removed from folk music, so we'll take a stab at them choosing this particular moniker as meaning people from the the city of Ulm (maybe it has an area called Rigna?), a picturesque place set on the banks of the Danube. They talk of Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Animal Collective and other such luminaries as being of inspiration, so its safe to assume they're unlikely to settle for cobbling together a few nice little indie-type ditties. Rigna Folk seem to be a band with ambitions of leaving a mark on the musical landscape.

Whether this will translate beyond their homeland time will tell, but 'Paradox' is sung in English which will broaden their appeal in the UK, North America and down under. They're not shy when it comes to production, and this track sounds engineered for mass appeal and does possess a certain anthemic quality. You could compare them to Placebo without the gender-bending tendencies. So this probably won't be a track for the indie masses to appreciate, but there's a good chance of the public at large embracing Rigna Folk and helping them achieve their goal. The flurry of remixes that come with the EP should also help broaden their appeal.

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