Friday 30 November 2012

Frontier Ruckus - Careering Catalog Immemorial

Single review by KevW

Michigan band Frontier Ruckus make no secret of their love for 90s nostalgia (you have no idea of how the 1990s now being thought of as being nostalgic makes me feel) and this first single from their upcoming 'Eternity Of Dimming' album does capture the sound of the US alternative scene of that time. The album isn't out until the end of January, but the single is available now from Bandcamp, and if you head there (it's the buy link below) you'll be able to read some weird nonsense about what it's all about, but good luck making any sense of it. We get two versions of 'Careering Catalog Immemorial', the album version and the '90s Carpool Version'.

That makes for a game of spot the difference which could be quite fun. The Carpool version is only subtly different, more uptempo (maybe) with more of a beat, although in terms of quality there's little to split the two. The more picked-guitar album version is perhaps ever so slightly more appealing in its stripped back approach which manages to convey a bit more feeling. Whether you get one of both it's definitely worth a purchase; 'Careering Catalog Immemorial' is delicate and really well written, the best way to describe it would be to say that everything clicks. The band seem on the same wavelength, something usually results in decent music. This is no exception.

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