Thursday 15 November 2012

DeVotchKa - All the Sand in All the Sea (Live at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony)

Single review by KevW

OK so we don't usually feature live recordings, if we covered every live release out there we'd have no time to feature all the amazing new studio stuff available. Plus Youtube is overflowing with live recordings, so if you want to check out your favourite band on stage, you know what to do. That said, we weren't quite expecting something as spectacular as this. Orchestras and rock/pop have been glued together for years, from Spector to The Beatles to ELO to Spiritualized the Electric Proms and far beyond. Denver band DeVotchKa were given the opportunity to record with the 60-piece Colorado Symphony, and boy did they take it.

The album (title self-explanatory) is released this week and is being promoted with this video recording of 'All The Sand In All The Sea' which, assuming you like this sort of thing, is likely to blow your socks off. In short; they've nailed it. Their traditional indie-rock sound doesn't get buried beneath the weight of such a wealth of musicians, it gets enhanced tenfold. The original song shines through but the sheer force of such grand ambition takes things to a whole new level without ever pushing the limits too far. We're prone to getting over excited about music, so we'll try and remain restrained here, and simply say that this is one of the most impressive orchestral/rock combinations we've had the pleasure of seeing for quite some time.

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