Thursday 15 November 2012

Fascinator - Sexual Mystery

Single review by KevW

And the award for the most surreal music video of 2012 goes to... well, Fascinator has to be in with a nomination at least. We dread to think how the planning and the filming of this piece of film went, it's quite grotesque and creepy, but in the kind of way that means you can't take your eyes off it. So therefore we've come to the conclusion that it's brilliant. Mixing some quite extravagant Halloween type costumes, messed up footage of synchronised swimmers, a giant Daffy Duck with massive breasts, talking feet, kissing that involves loads of brightly coloured goo and other assorted psychedelic imagery; but a new kind of psychedelia, not your 60s flower-power stuff.

Then there's the song. 'Sexual Mystery' is a lushly put together blend of synths, swooshes, slowed down beats and has a grandeur that something made this way shouldn't be able to manage. The vocals are distorted, creepy and slightly ghostly. It's trip-hop made in an individual way that experiments but does so while bothering to include a tune with it. Fascinator couldn't be better named, this guy from New York had made both audio and video that are individual and take risks, but at the same time sound and look amazing. Mind you, we're still not sure if what's just happened was actually just a weird dream.

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