Friday 30 November 2012

Vices - Airports

Single review by KevW

We've been following Reading quintet Vices for a while now, and caught up with them for a brief Q&A session a couple of months back ahead of the release of their 'Hotel Monsoon' EP. If you missed that then you can have a read by clicking this link. If you didn't then hopefully you enjoyed listening to the tracks 'Dying Day' and 'Human Being' that we posted alongside it. With any luck this will have resulted in you becoming something of a fan of the alternative/indie types and therefore you'll be pleased to note that they've just unveiled a brand new video for the track 'Airports' which you can watch below.

It's a contemplative track that feels like it's dealing with an element of uncertainty, something which gives it extra intrigue and generates pathos. It's handy that it comes with a great chorus too, so even those who tend not to examine their music that carefully will find something to cling on to. The vocals are strong as ever and are another weapon that Vices use to lift this song to unexpected heights. The mysterious, smoke filled and psychedelic video adds to the effect even more. Grand results on all counts.

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