Saturday 17 November 2012

Pinballsound - Расскажи

Single review by KevW

Yeah, that was a copy and paste job on the song title there. My boring western keyboard doesn't have characters like that on it (you can probably hold down shift, alt, ctrl and a load of other stuff and find them but this was the easy route). For those of you not well versed in Russian, 'Расскажи' means 'Tell Me', and the band name should be pretty self-explanatory. Pinballsound are a male/female electronic act from Moscow who already have plenty of recordings under their belt, you can check out their SoundCloud page for much more, including a few freebies.

This latest track is a thoroughly enjoyable electro-pop tune, and one that has potential to find its way into UK and US charts in the future, although not in its current form. Like many foreign vocal pop hits before them, what's needed is the lyrics translated into English and then a rerecording done by whoever wins X-Factor or whatever, and a slight kick up the arse production-wise. Which I guess would be great for Pinballsound's bank balance but would rather ruin what is a perfectly decent electro-pop tune with soul and individuality. So let's hope it stays as it is, mysterious lyrics and all, but that it becomes a mega hit in Russia to keep the accountants happy.

Pinballsound's website

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