Wednesday 28 November 2012

Elephant Stone - Heavy Moon

Single review by KevW

It was just over a year ago that we picked the superlative jangle-pop of 'Love The Sinner Hate The Sin' as OROTW due to it's early Teenage Fanclub melodies and all round amazingness. If you enjoyed that song too, then the exciting news is that the Canadian group will be releasing their debut album on February 5th, so we've not got long to see if the rest of their tunes are made of the same magic dust as that track, In fact we can hear more right now, as Elephant Stone have just made the video to their new single 'Heavy Moon' available to watch online.

To be honest it was a little bit disappointing that the "official video" was nothing more than some grainy footage, seemingly filmed on someone's phone in a dimly lit rehearsal space and sounded more dire than a demo would. Thankfully that's not the finished article, in fact it's a rehearsal of an entirely different track put there to con us. Check the Soundcloud link for the actual recording that will be released. We're fairly confident that within a few plays you'll fall for this beautifully harmonic indie in much the same way as you did with the last single. After a brief scare, our hopes for the album are high.

Elephant Stone's website

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