Saturday 10 November 2012

Kagoule - Mudhole

Single review by KevW

For further proof that Nottingham is the new London, Seattle, Manchester, New York or wherever, then check out yet another product of their teeming musical underbelly. Kagoule are a trio who share a passion for grunge, post-punk and other similarly guitar-based genres that come with a bit of bite. From what we gather, they've been together for nearly two years and will be celebrating their second birthday by releasing their debut single on, or with the aid of, ace local label Denizen Records which is gradually establishing itself as a trustworthy source for new bands from around that area.

The release will be a double A-side consisting of this track, 'Mudhole', and another named 'Monarchy' which we're yet to hear. Going on what we have heard, their music centres around stirring up a dark and slightly bleak atmosphere built around their love of noisy guitars and distortion, but they don't forget that tunes are just as important in all this, and while 'Mudhole' is unlikely to be a song you find yourself whistling in the shower, it does posses a certain force that recalls AC Acoustics (non music nerds - Google them) or early dEUS, updating that post-grunge landscape for another generation to set about exploring.

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