Saturday 17 November 2012

Hilly Eye - Amnesia

Single review by KevW

New York band (yep, another one) Hilly Eye came into being when guitarist and songwriter Amy Klein left punky types Titus Andronicus. It's fair to say she's not attempting to recreate their traditional ballsy rock vibe with either of the bands she currently fronts. On the one hand there's the folky clan Leda, and also the duo we're focusing on here. Hilly Eye have a bit more grit about their sound (lyrically Klein often has messages to her work and spends time as an activist alongside her twin musical career, what is it they say about women and multi-tasking?) but while they're not the ferocious assault of her former outfit, it's this project that will most likely attract more of her previous followers.

With debut album 'Reasons To Live' looking all ready for a January release the pair are tesing us in gently with the luscious indie/rock/punk of single 'Amnesia'. At first the song appears to be a patriotic homage to her homeland, and in a way it is, but a realistic one. "Oh glory, my country it lies" goes the chorus, unsure of whether to be a proud US citizen or to question the clandestine way the country is run. You get the impression the latter wins through. Politics and music don't always mix but on this evidence Hilly Eye could have got the formula spot on and we're hoping for more of the same very soon.

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