Friday 23 November 2012

Band To Check Out: Stalking Horse Mechanism

Article by KevW

It's an unusual name for a band, Stalking Horse Mechanism. So odd that we thought they may have taken it from somewhere else (for example the heroically monikered An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump actually took their name from a painting). Unless this is from something quite obscure it appears to be a product of their own imagination. The internet yielded no other results. Just what one is we can only speculate (but please guys, if there is such a thing, let us know!). Moving on, Stalking Horse Mechanism are duo from Brighton who've been writing, performing and producing a variety of sounds for a few years under this guise, only now coming to our attention. So while you may already be a fan, for other newcomers like us, here's a brief introduction.

Their new album, 'Cremello' was released earlier this year and on first inspection has all the hallmarks of some experimental indie-type tunes that sound really quite good. Delve a little deeper into the record and you find them playing around with beats and incorporating just about any sounds that take their fancy. As well as making things like actual songs, the pair are known for their improvised techno sessions which you can sample via free downloads from their website. They've got plenty of ideas and they're not afraid to use them, and because of this they cover most bases and I'd challenge anyone to search their back-catalogue (it's not as vast as you may expect, this is their debut album) and find nothing that interests them. Whatever a stalking horse mechanism is, is must be quite unique, much like the guys who make their sounds under the same name.

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