Tuesday 13 November 2012

Feldspar - The Flat And Paper Sky Vol. II

EP review by KevW

A few months on from the first volume of their 'The Flat And Paper Sky' EP, Londoners Feldspar come forth bearing the gift of volume 2, more of their finely crafted alt-folk for people who like their music to be made the proper, good old fashioned way. Old fashioned needn't mean dull or out of touch, if it did then we'd all hate The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Using guitars, bass, drums and vocals to create music is a tried and tested format that refuses to die; it's in our very DNA as human beings to appreciate both the sounds we hear and the talent it takes to make them. Feldspar know how to take these well used implements and make them sound incredibly good. The title-track is based around little more than some neat harmonies, but from there on in they play around a little more.

'Bright Blue Eyes' (if you can understand what I mean by this then well done) is folk-rock, but with the folk aspect stripped away. You wouldn't categorise it at traditional rock, put it that way. Electric guitars enter the fray and take us on a journey back to around forty years ago. It's almost certainly the best track on the EP, but the remaining pair are not to be sniffed at. By the time they get to 'Foolish Man' someone's managed to find where they left the folk that was missing from the last song and subsequently we're given the most traditional tune here, it's a bit too close to the middle of the road to leave a lasting impression until some more electric guitar salvages it. 'After Hours' is something of a reflective lament that may divide opinion, but at least it has heart and soul; in fact the same could be said about Feldspar in general. Whether this variety of music is up your street or not, at least they sing it like they mean it.

Feldspar's website

The Flat And Paper Sky Vol. II is released on December 3rd

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