Sunday 25 November 2012

Band To Check Out: The Acid Portal

Article by KevW

London band The Acid Portal think we might like them. They mention Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush and Pixies as influences, so it's looking good so far. They show a lack of pretension; even better. Yeah, we like The Acid Portal. Better listen to some of their music and see what that's like then, eh? They have a single out on December 12th which is called 'Black Candles' and combines the atmospherics you may expect with some chugging guitars, so far so Pixies meets Cocteau Twins, with vocals that sound a bit like they were recorded at the far end of an aircraft hanger and are strangely choral.

The only other recording available to our ears at the moment is called 'Sleepwalker' and comes across as being a slightly more conventional number, and therefore it may be a more immediate hit with people of a less experimental taste. 'Sleepwalker' has more of a demo feel than the single, probably because it is, but it also has the potential to become an even better track once they've given in a slap round the face and woken it up a bit. So just the two songs so far, both of which point towards a band that it's worth making a note of and watching this space. Yep, even with the music, we like The Acid Portal.

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