Monday 19 November 2012

Out This Week - 19th November 2012

The History Of Apple Pie - Glitch

It's getting to that time of year when the good and great of the indie world start gearing themselves up for the releases of new albums following the Christmas taste lull, and The History Of Apple Pie are readying their debut for a release at the end of January. We're very excited about 'Out Of View' especially since hearing this internet only new single called 'Glitch'.

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AZITA - It's Understanding

These people who win big awards for being really good at songwriting aren't all bores like Gary Barlow or Tim Rice you know. Voted best singer-songwriter by Chicago Reader, was local native AZITA who's been a fixture on the scene there for many years. This week she'll be releasing her sixth album 'Year' and taken from it is the gorgeous 'It's Understanding'.

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Times New Viking - Sleep-In

Listening to the beyond lo-fi noise that Ohio's Times New Viking were creating a few years ago it seemed unlikely they'd ever get close to creating songs that people without a penchant for an overly distorted din would ever like. The closest they got was the vaguely melodic 'My Head'. But new EP 'Over & Over', out on vinyl this week, shows them making actual songs. Noisy ones, but songs nonetheless. Here's 'Sleep-In'.

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Analogous Doom - Five Cube Compound

It's been a great year for psychedelic electronica, while the mainstream lap-up watered-down dubstep parodies, the real interesting stuff is to be found, as always on the underground. 'Five Cube Compound' is the first official UK release for US producer Analogous Doom, and this dark psych track indicates that he could well be worth some of the hype currently heading his way.

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Veronica Falls - Teenage

We've been fans of fuzzy, girl-group-influenced popsters Veronica Falls since we first heard them about three years ago. Their debut album was good, but we maybe had hoped for a little more. It seemed odd that their best song was a cover of Roky Erickson's lost classic 'Starry Eyes'; if only they could transfer some of that amazing melody to their own records. Well pop fans, the news is that the Londoners will be dropping their second album 'Waiting For Something To Happen' in February. As a reminder that they're still here and they mean business, they've posted this internet only single online as a taster. And you know what? In 'Teenage' they've found that sweet melody we always wished they had. The album could be superb.

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