Wednesday 14 November 2012

Technicolor Teeth - Chrystalline

Single review by KevW

There's been an awful lot of decent psych/shoegaze/krautrock type music around this year. Noisy guitars and lots of effects are back in a big way (so much so that we have a special feature on the way... more on that soon). US trio Technicolor Teeth could be another name to add to that list, they've been on the scene for a while but should pick up a little more UK press soon with the release of new single 'Chrystalline' and their debut album 'Teenage Pagans' arriving on December 3rd. Just in time for that great pagan festival of yule we assume. They're not your conventional spaced-out 60s throwbacks like Tame Impala and co., these guys are a noisier proposition.

Beginning with a demonic voice the song soon descends into a cacophony of muddy bass, barbed-wire guitars and unspecified groaning, creaking, tortured instrument sounds, all wrapped around and bubblegum-pop melody. So they're in good company; part Cramps, part Raveonettes, part Veronica Falls and part psychotic institution inmate. They bring the noise alright and do so with some degree of fervour, even throwing in Hal Blaine's 'Be My Baby' drum beat for extra pop goodness. If your list to Santa this year includes tinnitus, then give this beauty a whirl and you could be in luck.

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