Friday 23 November 2012

Kris Menace feat. Miss Kittin - Hide

Single review by KevW

Anyone who's less up to speed with the techno/electronica world (or if you're American you just get to use the sweeping generalisation of EDM), and therefore many readers of The Sound Of Confusion, a predominantly guitar-based site, might not be overly familiar with Kris Menace, either under this name or his other aliases, but those with a passion for all things electronic will know he's a musician and producer of some note. Miss Kittin may be better known due to her many collaborations with The Hacker. But to cut a long story short; guitar fans, these guys know what they're up to and both are highly acclaimed.

So it's a pleasure to have them teaming up for this single, which naturally comes with a host of remixes. We'll, however, focus on the original which transports their sounds into the more accessible realms of electro-pop and does so with as much conviction and skill as just about anyone else this year. It's pretty much got it all; retro chic, a modern sound, radio-ready beats and a memorable hook. Of course it probably won't be picked up by mainstream radio for whatever stupid selection rules they have and will wind up being a lost classic. Still, at least we've got to hear it and sample its delights.

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