Tuesday 27 November 2012

Bo Keeney - Don't You Worry

Single review by KevW

We're always banging on about "this mixed with that" or "a cross between X-band and Y-band", and this is obviously because many artists take inspiration from many styles, genres and other bands. We like more than one kind of music and I'm sure you do too. Winchester-based musician Bo Keeney clearly does. He was born in LA to a mother who sang in punk bands and hung out with Van Halen and Guns N' Roses, his father was also musically minded. So at age four Bo began to learn the drums, becoming (apparently) quite accomplished. Following a move to the UK aged 11, he now makes his own sounds in his studio, a shipping container in Winchester.

New single 'Don't You Worry' is from his forthcoming debut EP of the same name. Intriguingly, he uses his love of multiple genres in a different way than most. Rather than attempting to blend them, he chops from one to another smoothly and without sounding forced in any way. Starting in an ambient manner, with soulful acoustic strumming, he soon introduces funky indie guitars. It verges on being too polished, which is a worry for his future work, but stays edgy enough. Then the song flips into a drum and bass track briefly while keeping the same melody, then there's a switch to blues guitars and a slower pace before finishing as a slightly polished indie-rock track. It might not be a song that everyone will appreciate, but it's wonderful to find someone being so individual.

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