Thursday 15 November 2012

Bibelots - Manta Ray EP

EP review by KevW

Reading the press blurb that accompanies this new EP from Londoners Bibelots it's difficult to know exactly what to expect. They've supported The Rifles (fair enough) and Reverend & The Makers (hmmm), they've been played on Amazing Radio (sounds good) and Kerrang! (doesn't). So the 'Manta Ray' EP is best approached as objectively as possible, ignoring any events of their career so far (which really should go for ALL music). The title-track is fairly good, pretty standard indie-rock sound, but after a couple of minutes of reasonableness, you realise it goes on for over five-minutes in total. A bit needless surely? Well no actually, there's a bit more depth here than there first appeared to be and it actually improves as time goes on. So not a bad way to start.

Then comes 'Dead Funny', again a conventional type number with a beat and wah-wah guitars that lend themselves to the indie disco. It's beginning to sound like Bibelots are a reasonable band, but if they want to get any further they'll need to experiment a bit more and up their game a touch. Which brings us to 'First Babylon'. A point where a British indie band attempt to incorporate dub/reggae into their sound. After hovering over the 'stop' button for a bit, it turns out they've actually pulled it off. This track has a groove and doesn't sound forced or contrived. So although 'Manta Ray' is an EP that's fairly good, to make more headway Bibelots will need to expand and explore. The good news for them and their fans is that this is something they have every intention of doing.

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