Saturday 3 November 2012

The Mouse That Ate The Cat - 40 Years From Now

Single review by KevW

We were introduced to Glaswegian duo The \Mouse That Ate The Cat back in the summer by way of free download single 'I Am The Hottest Fire' which had a certain summery spark to it and was a pretty decent tune, but it didn't give a massive indication of what the pair were about in general. They could be another electro-pop duo, they could be a sunshine-pop/indie band or they could be out and out chart pop hopefuls. With the announcement that their first proper single, '40 Years From Now', will be released on 26th November, we've been able to establish a better picture (and it's not that one of them may be a mime artist).

This is probably (just) a superior track to the previous release and sets out their sound a bit more clearly. That said, they could be pop chameleons leading us to a dead end, we'll see. It would appear that this pair have a well defined idea of the music they want to make, and basically it's an integration of everything we listed above. '40 Tears From Now' is an electro-pop tune with a definite indie/guitar band edge and is generally a snapshot of current alt-pop. They have the perfect edginess to tunefulness ratio that should serve them well and gives them a fighting chance of leaving a permanent mark on 2013.

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