Thursday 1 November 2012

The Faults - Patients EP

EP review by KevW

When The Strokes gave rock music a shot in the arm over a decade ago, they did so by stripping things back to pure songs, raw, non-flabby, primal rock 'n' roll songs. It wasn't that people weren't making that sort of music elsewhere, the impact came from their songs being that bit better than others, plus the fact that they not only drew from 60s garage and 70s punk, they implanted their own modern DNA within the songs and this proved a winning formula, one they've failed to quite recapture ever since. Australians The Faults take a very similar approach; you can here The Strokes clearly, but it's the feral proto-punks of the 60s and early 70s that appear to be the strongest influence on this, their second EP.

The howling, fuzzed-up vocals especially recall those made using primitive equipment by DIY heroes from that era, and the serrated guitars repeat the trick. The title-track is a perfect example; it's like the Strokes covering The Buzzcocks covering The Monks. 'Peace Of Mind' delves further back to the first garage and surf pioneers that coexisted alongside the more popular explosion of beat music. Some stuttering drums and the noise of contemporary garage groups is served up on 'Leather Jacket', before we dart back to the atmospheric 60s rattle of 'Summer' and the distorted blast of 'Chivalry' to finish things off. In the space of a single EP, The Faults have given us a crash course in untamed rock music. Nice work.

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